Unbelievable Grass Two Redux 1.3 significantly overhauls the grass in Skyrim

Modder ‘alpinehunter’ has released a brand new version of his Unbelievable Grass Two for Skyrim. Unbelievable Grass Two is a grass modification, which adds many different kinds of grass all over Skyrim.

Redux 1.3 is basically a complete rework of alpinehunter’s previous “Unbelievable Grass HD” grass mod, featuring new file structure and texture improvements.

Unbelievable Grass Two Redux 1.3 is built with the Grass on Steroids Performance Tweak and will provide high grass density with still enjoyable performance. Naturally, this mod will have a performance impact on a number of PC configurations. In case you’re experiencing major a performance decrease, the modder suggests reducing the “iMinGrassSize” value from 60 to a higher number for better performance.

Those interested can download the mod from here. Below you can find some screenshots from Unbelievable Grass Two Redux 1.3!