New version of Skyrim 3D Trees mod adds 35 new high quality replacer models for plants and trees

Last month, we informed you about the Skyrim 3D Trees mod for Bethesda’s RPG. Created by modder ‘mathy79’, Skyrim 3D Trees mod aims to feature the most realistic forests simulation in gaming. Since that December release, mathy79 has been working hard on it and has just released a new version of the mod, increasing the total number of high-quality replacer models to 64.

Skyrim 3D Trees mod features highly detailed models for 3D Green Pine Trees, 3D Dead Trees, 3D Aspen Trees, 3D Reach trees, 3D Snow trees, and 3D Tundra Trees. It also brings realistic wind animations for all trees, as well as unique textures for pine needles, barks and leaves. Furthermore, there is only a minimal FPS performance impact when using this mod.

Those interested can download the latest version of the Skyrim 3D Trees mod from here. Below you can find a video showcasing this mod in action.


Skyrim SE 4K Showcase 2018 | "NVT ENB NAT SKYRIM 3D TREES" | MSI GTX 1080