Strangely Interactive is the third dev publicly admitting server issues due to Spectre/Meltdown fixes

Earlier this month, Epic Games and Housemargue publicly revealed major server performance issues due to the Spectre and Meltdown security fixes that were released. And from the looks of it, Strangely Interactive, is the third developer that has publicly admitted it.

As Strangely Interactive stated:

“Turns out our servers are getting thrashed even more than expected with the sudden influx of players, thanks to the whole Meltdown/Spectre patch debacle.”

In order to temporarily address this issue, the team may turn the official servers down from 64 to 48 or 40 max players to avoid some horrible lagging.

In related news, the team has fully released its first-person combined-arms sci-fi wargame, Angels Fall First. Angells Fall First focuses on team-oriented tactical gameplay and objective-based scenarios with a high degree of replayability, and here are its key features.

  • Wide selection of weapons and tools, ground vehicles and spacecraft to fight with.
  • Diverse combat opportunities – assume point to clear a building, hunt with a frigate wolfpack as a lineship captain, issue orders from the bridge of your battleship.
  • Fully operational and pilotable capital ships with playable interiors.
  • Unique combination of spaceship and infantry combat – board spacestations, shipyards and vessels to capture or destroy them from the inside.
  • Dogfighting using space interceptors and bombers, launched from capital ships and stations.
  • Gameplay mechanics designed as a mix of modern elements (customization, loadouts, persistence) and inspirations from classic shooters (frantic, fast-paced firefights).
  • Commander mode for issuing orders to your squadmates and teammates.
  • Full AI support – all scenarios can be played both offline and online identically, supporting up to 64 players or bots filling in for the players if required.
  • Rich science fiction universe setting.


Angels Fall First Trailer 2018