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The Witcher 3 gets a cool combat resource overhaul mod

Modder ‘KiroKobra’ has released a combat resource overhaul mod for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. As the title suggests, this mod will overhaul the game’s combat mechanics. Thus, we only recommend using this mod if you’ve already played the game.

Going into more details, this mod unlocks the game’s special abilities and signs. Moreover, Signs now use Focus points to cast up-to 3 times, and Melee attacks cost stamina. Additionally, the mod rebalances focus regeneration, as well as numerous skills and effects.

The mod also enhances the game’s Battle Trance system. Players can now restore additional Focus Points by successfully landing melee attacks, holding guard, and using evasive maneuvers.

You can download this combat resource overhaul mod from here.

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Have fun!