Fallout New Vegas Reflections Mod-1

This Fallout New Vegas Mod adds a real-time reflections system

Modder ‘Wall_SoGB’ has released an incredible mod for Fallout: New Vegas that adds a fully dynamic, real-time reflections system to the game. This mod provides realistic ambient lighting on meshes, it’s highly customizable, and it can run even on weak PC systems.

Going into more details, this Reflections Mod for Fallout: New Vegas mod adds a new texture effect, real-time cube maps. These new cube maps can be applied either globally, or on a per-mesh basis thanks to shader flags.

Wall_SoGB has configured the mod by default to work only on correctly set-up materials. Thus, you’ll need patched meshes to see reflections. You can disable this behavior in the INI, and force reflections onto every material with environmental mapping. However, this can lead to some improperly looking meshes.

What’s also amazing here is that the renderer is highly configurable. PC gamers can configure resolution, brightness, draw distance, apply behaviors, quality modes and more. As such, the performance can be as low as 1-2 frames, or as high as over 30fps.

You can download this Real-Time Reflections Mod for Fallout: New Vegas from here. Below you can also find some screenshots, showcasing the mod in action.

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Have fun!

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