Fallout New Vegas Out of Bounds

Fallout New Vegas gets new DLC-sized Mod, featuring 6 new quests, 17 new weapons and 800+ lines of dialogue

Modder ‘NKFC’ has released a new DLC-sized mod for Fallout New Vegas, called Out of Bounds. This mod is based off of the Backrooms, and comes with new content, quests and dialogue lines.

In this mod you get all your stuff taken away forcing you to scavenge for resources in order to make weapons to fight the many entities of the Backrooms.

According to the modder, Fallout New Vegas: Out of Bounds features 6 new quests, 17 new weapons and 4 new settlements to explore. Players can also expect 40+ new voice-acted characters, and 800+ lines of dialogue.

You can download the mod from here.

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Fallout New Vegas: Out of Bounds | Official Trailer