The largest expansion mod for Fallout New Vegas is now available for download

Fallout The Frontier, a major overhaul mod for Fallout New Vegas that is 27GB in size, is currently available for download. This is the largest expansion mod for Fallout New Vegas, and we highly recommend downloading it.

According to the team, The Frontier will bring a new gameplay experience to Fallout New Vegas. It will also have 3 major questlines, 50+ side quests, improved graphics and better combat mechanics. For instance, it will have boss battles, aerial dogfights and airborne assaults, as well as arena battles.

The team describes Fallout The Frontier as an unofficial super DLC expansion. It is also shaping up to be one of if not the largest mod for Fallout New Vegas. This mod features over 27,000 lines of fully voiced dialogue from hundreds of actors, hundreds of new characters, over 150 new unique and interesting weapons, hundreds of new armours, and the best drivable vehicles for Fallout New Vegas.

Fallout The Frontier also promises to be more stable than Fallout New Vegas. After all, the team claimed that it has fixed and patched a number of engine-related crashes.

This sounds like a must-have mod for all Fallout fans, and you can download it from here. You can also find below its launch trailer and some screenshots from it.


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Fallout: The Frontier - Release Trailer