Fallout 4 Boon Island Mod

Fallout 4 Mod adds a new worldspace based on the real-life Boon island, featuring a fully voiced lore-friendly quest

Modders ‘Tenhats’ and ‘Shreddah4’ have released a new cool mod for Fallout 4 that brings to it a new worldspace based on the real-life Boon island. This mod also features a fully voiced lore-friendly quest, so be sure to get it if you are still playing this Fallout title.

Going into more details, the Boon Island Mod adds a small but detailed new worldspace with a fully functional settlement. It also has 3 minor locations, and many small points of interest along the ocean floor. Moreover, players will be able to fix the broken buildings in the settlement.

To create this new map, the modders used custom Textures, Meshes and a custom Pipboy Map.

The mod includes a cool quest with a story that fits well into the game. There are extra side tasks you can do if you want, as well as a new custom quest icon animation. The mod also comes with music from older Fallout games. The weather in the game changes, mixing the weather from Far Harbor and the Commonwealth. And yes. You’ll also find balanced loot throughout the game, with items distributed fairly.

All in all, this is a cool mod that can extend your playthrough. And, since it’s free, we highly recommend downloading from this link.

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Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Boon Island - Fallout 4 Mod