Mass Effect Evolution Mod for Fallout 4

After 6 whole years of development, Mass Effect Evolution for Fallout 4 is available for download

Mass Effect and Fallout 4 fans, get ready for a treat. After six years of development, modder ‘Tamlers’ released the Mass Effect Evolution Mod for Fallout 4.

Going into more details, Mass Effect Evolution can be considered as a total conversion mod. It brings weapons, armor, ships, objects and characters from Mass Effect to Bethesda’s RPG. Not only that but it packs a custom storyline. Compared to the original Mass Effect game, Mass Effect Evolution packs a different timeline, plot and gameplay.

For those wondering, most of the plot is a rewrite of the original Fallout 4 plot, with some new quests and opportunities. In future versions, the modder hopes to add another storyline.

At the moment, the mod replaces most of the models with ones from the Mass Effect universe. Additionally, the modder has redrawn most of the environments, animated objects, armors, buildings, etc. by hand. And yes, most of the weapons were replaced with what was in Mass effect with custom models.

While Mass Effect Evolution is not 100% complete yet, it’s very close to it. This is the main reason why the modder decided to finally release it. Yes, there are some bugs here and there, but you can play it from start to finish. And, let’s be realistic here. For a one-man job, this is might impressive.

You can download Mass Effect Evolution from this link. At the end of the article, you can also find a trailer for it. So, be sure to watch it.

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Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Mass effect - Evolution. Первый трейлер

Mass effect Evolution, new build ( A fallout 4 Sci fi total conversion)