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This Fallout 4 Mod fixes the game’s long loading times

Modder ‘Antonix35’ has released a must-have mod for Fallout 4, that fixes the game’s annoying long loading times. According to the modders, this was achieved by speeding up slow locations in the game code that were slowing down other loading threads.

This F4SE plugin also reduces time when moving between locations using an elevator. It also reduces the loading time when revisiting recently visited locations. Additionally, it speeds up the transition animation to the loading screen and out, allows players to select loading screens, and fixes the in-game vertical sync for high frame rate monitors.

As said, this is a must-have mod and you can download it from here. Below you can also find a video that showcases the shorter loading times of Fallout 4 when using this mod. Unfortunately, though, the video does not have any comparisons between the modded and the vanilla versions.

It’s also worth noting that Antonix35 has previously released a mod that resolved the game’s stuttering issues when sprinting/running. That Fallout 4 mod removed the 500 speed limit from the game’s memory, which lead to unpleasant twitching/stuttering when sprinting on uneven surfaces. Thus, if you suffer from stutters when running, we suggest downloading and giving it a go.

Speaking of Fallout 4 mods, we also suggest taking a look at the following ones. Whispering Hills is a cool Silent Hill mod. Then we have Fallout 4 Project Mojave, a full remake of the New Vegas strip (featuring 3 functional casinos). Additionally, The Wilderness Mod adds a worldplace that is as big as Nuka World. Finally, you can download this mod that adds support for NVIDIA DLSS 2, AMD FSR 2 & Intel XeSS.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Fallout 4 Long Loading Times Fix