Fallout 4 Mod adds support for NVIDIA DLSS 2, AMD FSR 2 & Intel XeSS

Now here is something that passed under our radar. Earlier this month, modder “PureDark” released a new mod for Fallout 4 that added support for NVIDIA DLSS 2, AMD FSR 2.0 and Intel XeSS.

According to the modder, this DLSS/FSR2/XeSS Mod doesn’t currently work with ENB. However, you can still use DLAA with ENB since there’s no upscaling. The modder has implemented upscaling via the dynamic resolution scaling feature which is incomplete and hidden in the game, thus there might be issues related to DRS. Furthermore, the mod is not compatible with FO4VR.

Now as we all know, Fallout 4 can easily become CPU-bound, especially in cities. As such, you may not see a huge performance uplift in such CPU-heavy scenarios. After all, this isn’t DLSS 3. Nevertheless, the modder claims that both DLSS 2 and FSR 2.0 can provide better AA than the game’s default TAA.

You can download the mod from here. Below you can also find two videos that showcase it in action.

Finally, and speaking of Fallout 4, we suggest taking a look at these other mods for it. There is a settlement/building mod that adds 200 new items and a mod that aims to overhaul the AI of the NPCs. Moreover, this mod adds 14 different weapons. Then we have the Urban Life Mod; a mod that adds 11 equipables, 350+ workshop items, new custom Radio Station. And lastly, you can download these Next-Gen Parallax Textures, as well as this HD Texture Pack that overhauls almost all of its creatures.

Enjoy and kudos to our reader Selim for bringing this to my attention!

Fallout 4 DLSS Mod Overview - Benchmark On/Off

【Fallout4Mod】DLSSでFPS爆上がり!!Fallout 4 Upscaler - DLSS FSR2 XeSS【フォールアウト4】