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New Red Dead Redemption 2 Mods overhaul interior lighting & add personal boat

Two new cool mods for Red Dead Redemption 2 surfaced this week. The first mod aims to completely overhaul the lighting of most interior places. The second mod adds an option to own a personal boat in-game.

Going into more details, the LIT Mod allows all light sources to cast shadows. Moreover, it attempts to restore/add some of the interior lighting and add missing prop shadows. It’s a really cool mod that can improve the game’s graphics, and you can download it from here. Below you can also find some comparison screenshots. The modded version is on the left whereas the vanilla version is on the right.

modded-1vanilla-1 modded-2vanilla-2 modded-3vanilla-3 modded-4vanilla-4

The second mod adds an option to own a personal boat in-game, with customization options and more. It’s also worth noting that the mod “remembers” where you left your boat (so you can find it at the exact place you left it). Boats can also be stolen and sold at the docks. You can download this mod from here.

Lastly, and speaking of Red Dead Redemption 2, we also suggest taking a look at these other mods. There is a mod that adds “The Matrix” bullet time effect, and there is an AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack for all weapons. Furthermore, there is a mod that adds 13 lore-friendly Mexico map expansions. Another cool mod is this one that enables dismemberment for all pedestrians. Additionally, you can find a mod that restores unused beta models & NPCs, another mod that overhauls its law system, as well as a mod that adds support for AMD’s FSR 2.0. And finally, these mods enhance dual wielding, rebalance economy, add dynamic seasons.

Have fun!