Red Dead Redemption 2 feature 4

Red Dead Redemption 2 gets an unofficial New Game+ Mode

Modder ‘sezzco’ has released an interesting new mod for Red Dead Redemption 2 that adds to it an unofficial New Game+ Mode. This is a must-have mod for those that have already finished the game and want to replay it.

The modder has basically created a Save File with everything done except story side missions, legendary animals/fish and two treasure maps.

You can download the mod from here. Below you can also find all of its key features.

Red Dead Redemption 2 New Game+ Mod Features

  • Level 10 Beard
  • All Cores Maxed
  • Coffee Percolator, Pocket Watch and Lock Breaker Owned
  • Offhand Holster Unlocked
  • All Clothes and Masks Owned
  • All Trapper Clothes Owned (Except Legendary Animal Clothes)
  • All Reinforced Equipment Owned (Except Master Hunter Holster)
  • All Rare Hats and Melee Weapons Collected
  • Otis Miller Revolver Collected (In Weapon Locker)
  • Map Revealed
  • All Legendary Fish Spots On Map (Except Bluegill)
  • All Point of Interest Discovered (Except Grey’s Secret)
  • All Treasure Maps Completed (Except Jack Hall Gang and High Stakes)
  • All Animals 100% (Except All Legendary Animals)
  • All Equipment 100%
  • All Fish 100% (Except All Legendary Fish)
  • All Gangs Discovered (Not 100%)
  • All Weapons 100% (Not Owned)
  • All Cigarette Cards 100%
  • All Challenges Completed (Except Master Hunter 10)
  • All Weapons In Catalouge Unlocked
  • All Camp Upgrades and Satchel Upgrades Materials Collected (Not Crafted)
  • All Pamphlets Collected (Except Explosive Slug, It’s Marked)
  • All Item Requests In Inventory
  • All Talisman Ingredients Collected (Except the ones you get from Legendary Animals and Missions)
  • Cat Eye Trinket Collected
  • All Dreamcatchers Discovered (Arrowhead Collected)
  • All Dinosaur Bones Collected (Except One Inside The Oil Derrick, It’s Marked On Map)
  • All Rock Carvings Discovered (Except One, It’s Marked)
  • All Exotics Collected
  • 2/9 Graves Visited (Jenny Kirk and Davey Callander
  • All Cigarette Cards Collected
  • All Wildlife Art Exhibition Animals Collected (Except Rabbit, Opossum and Skunk)

Speaking of RDR 2, we also suggest downloading the following HD Texture Packs for it. In theory, these packs should be compatible with this horse mod. So, for starters, there is this AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack that overhauls all weapons. Additionally, you can download an HD Texture Pack that improves the hair of all pedestrians. Here is also a mod that overhauls the interior lighting of buildings. Let’s also not forget this pack that enhances the game’s story/main characters. In April 2023, we also shared an HD Texture Pack for the terrain. And finally, this mod adds support for DLSS Ultra Quality & DLAA.

Have fun!