Dark Souls Remastered feature

New gameplay video for the fan sequel to Dark Souls, Dark Souls: Nightfall

Team Nightfall has released a new progress update video for Dark Souls: Nightfall, showcasing some new gameplay footage from it. Dark Souls: Nightfall is a direct, fan-made sequel to Dark Souls. This huge mod project comes with a new story, new combat system, new world map, and more.

Team Nightfall was originally planning to release this mod in January 2022. However, and in order to further polish it, the team decided to delay it. And, unfortunately, there is still no ETA on when it will come out. However, in January, the team released a demo for it that you can download from here.

Speaking of Dark Souls Remastered, you may be also interested in the following mods. There is a 6GB HD Texture Pack that overhauls maps, objects and enemies. There is also another graphics mod that improves the fog, lighting, light scattering, shadows, color correction and contrast of all areas. Additionally, this Ultra HD Texture Pack adds more than 100 high-quality 4K textures. Dark Souls: Remastest V2.0 is another amazing mod that adds Halo: Combat Evolved weapons, new MP maps, special attacks & more to the game. And lastly, there is a mod that adds the Dark Souls 2 armors to the first game.


Dark Souls: Nightfall -- Progress Update (November 2022)