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Dark Souls Remastered gets a complete visual Overhaul mod, improving its graphics

Modder ‘sborges98’ has released a new mod for Dark Souls Remastered that aims to completely overhaul its visuals. This mod midifies the fog, lighting, lightscattering, shadows, color correction and contrast of all areas of the game, including those that are featured in the DLC.

Going into more details, the Dark Souls Remastered Overhaul mod improves the draw distance of shadows in most areas, improves the lighting, shadows and point light of the character in all areas, improves the lighting of the Sunlight Maggot, improves the lighting of arrows, improves the particles of breakable objects and the lighting of torches and other light sources.

The Dark Souls Remastered Overhaul mod does not improve the LOD or FOV, and does not pack any high-resolution textures. As such, we strongly suggest using Evie Schwab’s 4K ultra HD texture pack. Schwab has done an incredible work and the HD Ultra Texture Pack covers NMaps, Height Maps and Albedo Textures for all textures within viewing distance for the player, all in Native 4K, made from scratch without upscaling.

Those interested can download the mod from here!

Dark Souls Visual Overhaul | Dark Souls: Remastered