Dark Souls Remastered feature

This mod brings Dark Souls 2 armors to Dark Souls PTDE & Remastered

Modders Xenthos, Dropoff and Nordgaren have released a simple mod that adds Dark Souls 2 armors to Dark Souls. In our opinion, this is a mod that most Dark Souls 2 fans will appreciate. After all, they will be now able to use their favourite armors in the first game.

According to the modders, the DS2 armors can be found on the undead female merchant in the canal and Rickert of Vinheim.

Thankfully, this mod is available for both the Prepare To Die Edition and the Remastered. You can download the PTDE from here, and the Remastered version from here.

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Unfortunately, the modder did not share any video to showcase this mod. However, you can find below an image that showcases the new armors that players can use.

Have fun!

Dark Souls 2 armors in Dark Souls