Fallout 4 Enhanced Mod

Fallout 4 looks absolutely amazing with more than 205 mods

YouTube’s ‘Ded String’ has shared a video, showcasing Fallout 4 with more than 205 mods. This video will give you a glimpse at what a Fallout 4 Remaster could look like (and what PC gamers can already enjoy on their machines).

Now what’s really cool here is that Ded String has also shared the list of mods they used. As such, you can go ahead and download all of these mods in order to make your Fallout 4 game look just as good as the modded version shown here.

Fallout 4 modded looks absolutely gorgeous. Similarly to Skyrim, Fallout 4 greatly benefits from its modding community. It’s really funny/ironic though, especially since its vanilla version looked a bit dated.

Speaking of Fallout 4, you may also want to check out the following mods. Fallout London is a DLC-sized expansion and there is a Silent Hill mod for Fallout 4, called Whispering Hills. There is also a 3.7GB Mod that adds 14 different weapons, and a 3GB Mod that overhauls all buildings of the Commonwealth. The Wilderness Mod adds a worldplace that is as big as Nuka World. And lastly, there is a mod that adds different/unique ending cinematics to all factions.

Theoretically speaking, these mods should be compatible with the aforementioned list of graphical mods.

Enjoy and kudos to our reader durka durka for bringing this to our attention!

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