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New Fallout 4 Mod adds different/unique ending cinematics to all factions

SixtyMinutemen and Toro Montana have released a new mod for Fallout 4 that adds alternate ending cinematics for faction choice. This mod is basically an enhanced version of an older one (from the same team), so feel free to upgrade if you’re using “iMod’s Alternate Ending Cinematics for Fallout 4”.

This mod, like the original, aims to bring some semblance of faction choice endings to Fallout 4. Thus, it can give you the illusion of choice, rather than the uniform cutscene vanilla Fallout 4 had. The modders used iMod in order to create these cut-scenes that have the style of New Vegas’ ending slides.

You can download Alternate Ending Cinematics for Fallout 4 – REDUX from here. Do note that you’ll have to install it before beating the main quest in order for the cutscenes to properly start.

Below you can also find some videos that will give you an idea of what you can expect from it. They contain spoilers so you’ve been warned.

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Have fun!