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This 3.7GB Mod for Fallout 4 adds 14 different weapons to it

Modder “NovaFinch” has released a massive new mod for Fallout 4 that adds 14 new weapons to it. Combined Arms adds weapons ranging from handguns to high caliber rifles. Additionally, it comes with a long list of ammo type options for each weapon.

Furthermore, this mod offers reticle customization, and every reflex sight has 8 different ones each. Not only that but there is quite a sizable amount of customization options, both large and small for every weapon.

We should also note that this mod comes with “Complete Leveled List” integration. As such, appropriate weapons will spawn on both Gunners and Raiders and in stores.

You can download this mod from here.

Lastly, players can craft these new weapons at a Chem Lab or they can find them at weapon vendors and on gunners/raiders.

Have fun!

Combined Arms - Cursed/Release Trailer