Wasteland 2 Gets Major Patch – Will Be Updated to Unity 5, Will Support Physically Based Shading

inXile Entertainment has rolled out a major patch for Wasteland 2 that adds Steam Achievements for Mac OS X and Linux, comes with a massive list of bug fixes, and sports localization fixes and updates across all language.

In addition, inXile Entertainment announced that it will be migrating the game from Unity 4.5 to Unity 5. As the team noted, this migration will allow it to release better tools for modding to its community in the future. Not only that, but this new version of Wasteland 2 will support PBS (Physically Based Shading); a feature that is already starting to look amazing in the scenes inXile has touched up.

You can find the full release notes for this latest update of Wasteland 2 here.

Here is a portion of its changelog:


  • Added Steam Achievements for Mac OS X and Linux! Now, your friends, family, and vague acquaintances can all enjoy unlocking Achievements regardless of their choice in computer operating system.
  • Fixed a bug in identifying the Broken Man during the Hollywood/Griffith questline that could in some cases render the peace outcome unattainable.
  • Updated Prison HQ. A large rolling gate now blocks the Prison HQ to prevent quest sequence breaks. The gate is opened by Danforth at the appropriate time during the story, or when the player fixes the broken robot to destroy the turrets and gate.
  • Huge bug fix pass – nearly our biggest patch ever!?
  • Large English text updates.
  • Localization fixes and updates across all languages.


  • Added Steam Achievements and Steamworks support for Mac OS X and Linux!
  • Fixed being unable to get the STD Achievement from Arizona STDs.
  • Fixed a bug in Blackjack casino minigame.
  • Fixed an issue where combat could lock up if a party member transformed into a Pod Person.
  • It should no longer be possible to avoid random encounters on the World Map by activating the Radio.
  • Fixed an issue where random encounters did not occur after receiving a post-death squad radio call.
  • CNPCs no longer protest you killing innocents if they are unconscious or dead.
  • Fixed an issue wherein gaining new animal followers would cause quest related animal followers to stop following the party.
  • Attempting to drop a quest item on top of already-dropped items will no longer cause the items to vanish.
  • It should no longer be possible to duplicate quest items by attempting to drop them on top of another item.
  • Fixed Aberforth not removing his buff when he is dismissed.
  • Removed Use on Self from usable Rope and Radio Parts items.
  • Fixed a bug when the Darwin Village plague timer runs out on a character.

User Interface

  • Fixed turning fullscreen mode on during conversation corrupting text log layout.
  • Fixed “Camera Follows Party” option not correctly following characters at the beginning of a new game if the option is enabled.
  • The function keys can now be used to select party members on the world map.
  • It is now be possible to use Field Medic items on party members in combat by clicking on their portraits.
  • Radiation clouds are now updated in real time while traveling with the World Map UI open.
  • Inventory items from characters that are too far away to trade with a vendor should no longer show up in the “all party items” inventory filter after double-clicking a vendor item.
  • It is no longer be possible to scroll a panel with an open dropdown menu.
  • It is now be possible to reload secondary weapons by dragging ammo onto them.
  • Clamped the Biography field during Character Creation at 10,000 characters. Your thrilling Wasteland novel series will need to be typed elsewhere.
  • Default weapons should now show up for CNPCs in the CNPC info screen if there is no weapon equipped.
  • Now the game displays feedback in the conversation UI when player types in a keyword that is used up, or is for a conversation skill that they don’t have enough skill to use.
  • Now the game displays the speaker and the typed-in keyword when it’s a keyword that is not recognized (instead of just the keyword).
  • Fix for breaking input after the end of a conversation.
  • Cursors on loot caches are set to Default if the cache is empty.
  • Fixed a bug preventing responses to Regional keywords.