Halo 4 is not coming to the PC – System Requirements Are Referring to X360’s Accessories

We know that a lot of you want to see Halo 4 on the PC. Yeah, it would be cool but this seems like a wishful thinking, even though there were various rumors, suggesting that Microsoft would boost its PC library with the release of Windows 8. And since Reddit’ user ‘PhenomFTW’ spotted some ‘mysterious’ system requirements at Halo 4’s official website, we decided to take a look at what these requirements could actually be, before the Internet gets flooded with this rumor.
First and foremost – let’s forget Halo 4 PC, shall we? Halo 3, ODST and Reach never hit our beloved platform and we find it really hard to see the fourth part hitting it now, when Microsoft needs a triple-A IP to boost its X360 sales.
But what about the system requirements, you say. PC is a system, right? Well, X360 is also a system. In fact, Halo Reach had some specific X360 requirements. An Xbox 360 Hard Drive was required for Halo Reach’s features, such as Network Co-op Campaign Play, Networked Firefight, Saved Films, File Storage. The Xbox 360 4 GB and Xbox 360 Arcade console didn’t have a hard disk (as they had internal flash memory only) and as such were unsupported.
This basically means that Halo 4’s system requirements are – most likely – referring to X360’s accessories and nothing more. Yes, some X360 online requirements are listed above the ‘system requirements forthcoming’ but as you can read above, there are more requirements than those of the game’s online mode. And yes, it would be cool if this game hit our platform. However, this is not happening right now, and we don’t want to give you false hope for something like that.