Dragon's Dogma 2 new feature

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has a two-hour free trial on PC until July 18th

Capcom is currently offering a free trial for Dragon’s Dogma 2 on PC for a limited time. Until July 18th, PC gamers can download and enjoy the game’s first two hours for free.

As Capcom noted, save data from the free trial can be transferred to the full version of the game if purchased. Players can also make the most of their playtime by creating their characters in advance using the free Character Creator & Storage tool. Also note that playable hours will continue to count while the game is running in the background. So, make sure to close it when Alt+tabbing (or when not playing it).

Since I’ve finished Dragon’s Dogma 2, I can say that its first two hours are not that exciting. They will also only give you a vague glimpse at the game’s world and combat. Still, I can see why Capcom used this first part as a free trial.

In my opinion, this free trial is best used as a benchmark tool. By downloading and running it, you will see whether Dragon’s Dogma 2 can run smoothly on your PC. That is of course if you manage to reach the Vernworth capital city. If I remember correctly, you reach that city in two or three hours.

You can download this free trial for Dragon’s Dogma 2 from Steam.

Speaking of DD2, I also suggest giving these mods a go. These mods will greatly enhance your gaming experience, so they are a must. In theory, they should be compatible with this latest version, as well as with this free trial.

You can download this mod that improves its mouse camera movement. Another mod adds a cool lock-on combat mechanic. Then we have this mod that prevents you from falling off rocks and cliffs.

Let’s also not forget this mod that improves the quality of Ray Tracing, and reduces its smearing side effects. Moreover, you can download this mod to enable Path Tracing. It still has some issues but man, the game can look so good with Path Tracing. There is also this mod that adds teleport waypoints to all major locations. Then we have this mod that allows you to use the highest quality normal maps, and fixes a compression issue that could affect every single texture. Finally, you can get some 4K Texture Packs from here and here.

Have fun!

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