DD2 Ray Tracing vs Path Tracing-1

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Now Has a Path Tracing Mod to Download

Now here is something that may blow you away. Modder ‘EXXXcellent’ has released a new mod that adds proper Path Tracing to Capcom’s latest game, Dragon’s Dogma 2.

This is an incredible mod that can greatly enhance the graphics of the game. By default, Dragon’s Dogma 2 supports RTGI. However, with this mod, you can unlock the full potential of Path Tracing. And, as you will see in the following screenshots, the visual improvements can be easily noticed.

You can download the mod from this link. The default/unmodded RTGI screenshots are on the left, whereas the path-traced screenshots are on the right.

DD2 Ray Tracing vs Path Tracing-1DD2 Ray Tracing vs Path Tracing-2
DD2 Ray Tracing-1DD2 Path Tracing-1 DD2 Ray Tracing-2DD2 Path Tracing-2 DD2 Ray Tracing-3DD2 Path Tracing-3 DD2 Ray Tracing-4DD2 Path Tracing-4

As we can clearly see, the lighting seems more natural when using Path Tracing. Not only that but all objects can now cast shadows. Ambient Occlusion is also enhanced when using the PT Mod. Seriously, just look at the final comparison. The path-traced version feels like a “full-on remaster” of the ray-traced version.

The only downside with this mod right now is that the Denoisers are not working with it. As such, the image when using Path Tracing will be noisy. I don’t know when – and if – this issue will be fixed. EXXXcellent claimed that he was able to have moderate success at denoising the final image by using SPP4, Bounce 1 and DLSS Balanced at 4K on an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090, using a very very gentle denoiser with Reshade.

In conclusion, this mod can give us a glimpse at DD2’s future. That is if Capcom decides to embrace Path Tracing. It can also give us a look at what a game using the RE Engine can look like with Path Tracing.

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Have fun!