Doom 4 will be coming to Steam – Dishonored DLC leaked – Prey 2 may had a closed PC Beta phase

Reddit’s member ‘int_SiPlus_void‘ did an amazing work in revealing some encrypted information that is currently present on Steam’s registry. The user was browsing the Steam CDR and stumbled upon a new pack called “Zenimax Combo Comp.” Interesting title, right? Well, the same thought crossed int_SiPlus_void’s mind, decided to do some research, and uncovered some interesting information.
As ‘int_SiPlus_void’ said, a subscription called “Zenimax Combo Comp” (Comp = complimentary, often means internal beta on Steam) was added to Steam and was updated on September 20th. Reddit’s user then posted some statuses about the ValveTestApps using JavaScript Blotter_SelectGame(AppId, ‘SomeText’) on Steam Community and found out the following information.
According to Steam’s records, Prey 2 appeared on Valve’s digital distribution records on December 17, 2011 in “ValveTestApp72790 Beta” subscription with subscription code “P2Beta”. This could very well mean that Bethesda ran a closed/internal beta phase for this cancelled game. That, or Zenimax was ready to launch the game’s beta phase before it got put on hold.
In addition, there is a record, suggesting that both Doom 4 and Doom 3: BFG will be coming to Steam. The fact that Doom 4 is present on Steam’s registry, suggests that everything is going well with id Software’s title. Doom 4 and id Studio are also included in “ID Software Beta” subscription, which dates back to August 20, 2012. The ID Software Beta subscription also includes some new titles – Zion and Project Ranger – that were never revealed before. Reddit’s user made some speculations, suggesting that Project Ranger could very well be a working title for Quake 5.
Furthermore, Dishonored DLC packs have been leaked. Arkane Studios’ title will be getting four DLC packs. These are:
212890 – Shadow Rat Pack.
212891 – Backstreet Butcher Pack.
212892 – Arcane Assassin Pack.
212893 – Acrobatic Killer Pack.
Back in February, a former game artist leaked a lot of concept arts and screenshots from Doom 4. There were some rumors about the game’s cancellation but Bethesda was quick to react and put those rumors to rest.
In March, there was another rumor about Prey 2’s cancellation. Contrary to Doom 4’s cancellation rumors, Bethesda did not comment on them. Later on, the publisher stated that the game would be missing its initial release date and was planned for a 2013 release. However, the game was then removed from Bethesda’s products line-up, suggesting that the game has been put on hold.
Enjoy Prey 2’s E3 gameplay, courtesy of Gamespot.