Prey 2 is cancelled… NOT; Coming in 2013

It took Bethesda a while but finally, they made an official statement about Prey 2’s development. According to Beth’s official blog, the game is still under development, however it won’t be released in 2012. The delay is said to be due to the fact that ‘game development has not progressed satisfactorily this past year, and the game does not currently meet our quality standards‘. Fair enough, however this seems like an attempt of damage control and nothing more.
What really make us believe that this is just an attempt of damage control, is the fact that Bethesda did not respond immediately to those earlier rumors. If you remember back in the days of Doom 4’s cancellation, Bethesda was quick enough to let us know that the game was still under development and that those rumors were not true. However, this did not happen with Prey 2. Moreover, Human Head – the team behind it – is already looking for some new projects.
Our biggest fear is that Prey 2 will be streamlined. Truth be told, Prey 2’s concept was amazing and had us excited. Bethesda might try to streamline its open-world environment and make it a more linear experience. Of course this is mere speculation but we can’t help but think that there is something really wrong with Prey 2’s development.
Here is hoping that the game will be as good as we’d hoped to and that both Bethesda and Human Head will deliver!