Rumor: Prey 2 is cancelled; Bethesda not commenting on Prey 2 rumors, game seems to be cancelled indeed

We were shocked yesterday to find out that Prey 2 could very well be cancelled. Naturally, we decided to wait a bit before informing you about it as we wanted to look into some details and confirm whether those rumors were actually true or not. The fact that this story came from a small gaming site seemed also a bit bogus at that time. However, it turns out that PSFocus may be right.
According to PSFocus, Prey 2 is cancelled and an official announcement about it will be made in the following weeks. Fair enough, we’ve seen this kind of rumors and before for other games, right? So what’s so special about this one? Well, for starters, Bethesda had cancelled the Prey 2 event at this year’s GDC and they haven’t shown pretty much anything since the game’s E3 footage (that was heavily scripted mind you).
Not only that, but when contacted about those rumors, Bethesda said that they had no comment on this story. This is the most important part and what made us believe PSFocus’ story. Remember a while back when there were rumors about Doom 4’s cancellation? Bethesda went ahead and stated that those rumors were inaccurate. And they were really quick to respond to those rumors. So, if the same rumors were not true about Prey 2, why didn’t the company come out to deny them?
This pretty much proves that Prey 2 is cancelled. Add to this that there were major departures from Human Head and you can get the bigger picture. Our guess is that Human Head could not implement their vision with the current generation hardware. Not only that, but the E3 demo that was presented was heavily scripted. Add to that some idiotic design decisions (like the highlight of enemies and such features) and the fact that Syndicate – a game that shared a similar graphical style to Prey 2 – flopped and you can see why the game got cancelled.
Perhaps we might see this game in next-generation consoles with a different name, from a different development studio. Human Head’s vision was ahead of its time and there is a possibility of another H2 case. Human Head Studios perhaps realized that it wasn’t possible for them to make a game at that scale and with those visuals. Or that the scripted sequences would not work in an open-world game.
Stay tuned for more about it!