Dead Space 3’s Executive Producer Blatantly Lying About Offering The Same Experience On All Platforms

Dead Space 3
You know what? It’s really ironic when you see an executive producer contradicting himself in a matter of days. Last week, we informed you about Dead Space 3 and that it would be a simple port. In order to – somehow – calm PC gamers down, the game’s executive producer, Steve Papoutsis, told Shacknews that Visceral Games wants to offer the same experience on all platforms, and that’s precisely why they did not overhaul the PC version. Now the reason we didn’t inform you about this was simple; it was just a bunch of lies, therefore we decided to wait for the right moment to strike. And that moment comes right a few days later (thanks to GameTrailers), when Visceral Games reveals that the X360 will support specific Kinect commands.
Now let me be crystal clear on this; we don’t mind exclusivities. Visceral Games decided to implement such features on the X360 and it’s fine by us. However, we demand honesty. We demand the truth and not being lied in front of our faces. And the fact that Visceral is implementing exclusive features to the X360 means that they’re simply not offering the same experience to all gamers.

So, let’s take things from the beginning. Steve Papoutsis told Shacknews that Visceral Games want to offer the exact same experience on all platforms and that “the biggest thing is we want to make sure the quality of the experience is consistent across all platforms so we don’t have one userbase saying it’s better on their system.”
Fair enough, however Steve Papoutsis can be seen on a new trailer for Dead Space 3, showing off exclusive Kinect features for the X360 version. As Papoutsis says, Dead Space 3 will be the first co-op Kinect enabled games out there, and as you may have guessed, those features won’t be present in the PC or the PS3 versions of the game.
So how come Visceral Games wants to offer the exact same experience to all gamers and does not implement simple graphical tweaks on the PC (like a FOV slider and better high-resolution textures or DX11 features), yet the company implements specific features to the X360 version that affect its gameplay mechanics?
The reason is simple and we all know it, yet nobody admitted. Visceral Games was “paid” (or should we say was helped) by Microsoft to implement these features in order to boost the sales of its X360 version. And since noone ‘helped’ Visceral to implement specific PC features, they decided lie and┬ástate that their vision was to offer the same experience to everyone. Obviously with those Kinect commands they don’t, so there you have it.
Now we know, some defenders of Microsoft’s platform will say: oh come on, there are only just a couple of commands. Thing is that Visceral Games lied about offering the same experience. It’s about principle, not about whether or not those X360-exclusive features are worth it.
Moreover, most of us (PC gamers) knew that Visceral didn’t add PC specific features because they see the PC version of Dead Space 3 as an after thought. Sure thing, EA and Visceral will state that they respect PC gamers but it’s easier to say something than prove it with your work. And since Dead Space 3 will be a mere port, we kind of know who is lying and who is not.