Battlefield: Hardline – New Single-Player Campaign Details Revealed

Electronic Arts and Visceral Games have unveiled some new details about the single-player campaign mode of Battlefield: Hardline. According to the companies, in Battlefield: Hardline players will be able to flash their badges and arrest criminals, use a scanner to stake out locales from a distance by tagging enemies, alarms, and other threats, distract enemies in order to sneak up or knock them down silently, and use their scanner to tag evidence and build Case Files.

Here are the new SP features of Battlefield: Hardline:


Flash your badge and strike fear into criminals’ hearts. Suspects will lay down their weapons and reach for the sky, giving you an opportunity to cuff them. A word of caution: your partner can only cover two thugs at a time, so don’t draw your shield on more than three cons at once or you’ll find yourself outnumbered in a gunfight— no bueno.


Lucky for you the MPD is on the cutting edge of technology. Use your tricked-out scanner to stake out locales from a distance by tagging enemies, alarms, and other threats.  But that’s not all: the scanner can scope out and log evidence you discover in the hunt to lock-up the dregs of society.


Is there a gang of pesky thugs in your way but you’d rather remain unseen? Toss a shell casing to make some noise and distract one of the low-lifes. When he separates from the group to inspect the sound you can slip by undetected. Or sneak up behind him and knock him out, depending on your mood.


Use your scanner to tag evidence and build Case Files against the crooks you encounter. When you sniff out enough clues, turn in your Case File and reap the rewards. The better equipment and weapons you’ll receive are certain to make all your police work that much easier… and that much more fun.

Last but not least, EA has shared a new set of screenshots from the game’s SP mode that can be viewed below.