Batman: Arkham Origins – PC Features Further Explained & Demonstrated

Batman Arkham Origins v3
A while back, we informed you about the PC features of Batman: Arkham Origins. According to Nvidia’s slides, Batman: Arkham Origins will support GPU PhysX effects, as well as DX11, tessellation and TXAA. Nvidia held a big event during this year’s PAX Prime in which the green team revealed some more information about the PC version of Batman: Arkham Origins.
As Nvidia revealed, Batman: Arkham Origins PC will support Percentage Closer Soft Shadows, TXAA, Turbulence/Cloth/Particles PhysX Effects, Nvidia’s new DOF technique and HBAO+.

Batman Arkham Origins PC Features

With Percentage Closer Soft Shadows enabled, players can witness crisp shadows when they are close to an object that casts the shadow and shadows that get softened while they are further away from an object that casts shadows. This is a new technique that we are not certain whether it will be available on AMD cards or not.

Batman Arkham Origins Percentage Closer Soft Shadows EnabledBatman Arkham Origins Percentage Closer Soft Shadows Disabled

Nvidia has also shown a PhysX trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins that can be viewed below (make sure to go at the 36:00 mark).
Batman: Arkham City suffered from a lot of performance issues when PhysX was enabled, so let’s hope that Nvidia has learned its lesson this time around and that those PhysX effects have been optimized.
Enjoy, and special thanks to our reader ‘BlastThyName’ for informing us!