Skyrim NPCs Overhaul Mod screenshots-2

This Skyrim Mod overhauls the appearance of every NPC in the game

Modder ‘Zhalroth’ has released a pretty cool mod for Skyrim Special Edition that improves the visual appearance of every NPC in the base game.

According to Zhalroth, the mod overhauls over 3000 NPCs, both male and female (except for children). This includes all expansion packs, bandits, etc. Thanks to this mod, the NPCs now have high poly heads with KS Hair.

Modpocalypse NPCs should be compatible with all body and texture replacers. If, however, you are also using another NPC overhaul mod, you should load them after this mod.

In order to showcase the improved NPCs, the modder released the following screenshots.

You can download this mod from here.

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Have fun!

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