Skyrim Special Edition Battle Grounds - Trials of Mundus

This mod adds 9 new arenas & unique weapons to Skyrim Special Edition

SkubaSteez has released a new cool mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition that adds 9 new arenas. Moreover, this mod packs unique weapons, spells, and more (which players can attain through completing the various arena trials).

As the modder noted:

“Battle Grounds: Trials of Mundus is the first installment of this ongoing project, the Trials of Mundus will allow players to battle across 9 different arenas, each with their own unique theme and boss fight. After completing an arena trial you’ll get special items that you can use to craft unique weapons, tools, and spells.

Completing an arena trial gives you a chance at receiving Battle Resource items, unique to each arena’s final boss. Boss items are meant to be somewhat rare & are not guaranteed to drop, some times requiring multiple completions to receive the drop. Elemental runes however are very common, completing any arena will reward you with the corresponding elemental rune of that arena. Once you receive enough Battle Resources you can use them to craft unique & powerful weapons, spells, scrolls, ammo, & tools added by the mod.”

You can download the mod from here. Below you can also find its official trailer.

Skyrim – Battle Grounds: Trials of Mundus Official Trailer
Skyrim - Battle Grounds: Trials of Mundus - Trailer

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Have fun!