Dark Souls III feature 2

This 2.8GB Dark Souls 3 Mod lets you become some of the game’s bosses

Modder ‘thefirsthunterapprendice’ is currently working on a pretty cool mod for Dark Souls 3 that lets you become some of the game’s bosses. Now do note that this isn’t a skin mod. Instead, players can now control the bosses themselves and use their weapons.

Unfortunately, we don’t have enough information about this mod. From what I could find, Elite Knight’s Original Weapons currently features the Farron Undead Legion, Lorian, Slave Knight Gael, and Nameless King. It also features some weapons from other bosses.

You can download the latest version of this mod from here. Below you can also find some videos showing it in action.

Nameless King vs Darkeater Midir (Defeating Midir till Elden Ring: Day 84 Dragonslayers ep 3)

Dark Souls III EKWRP(3.00) Original Farron Undead Legion (open cc subtitle)

Dark Souls III EKWRP(EN 3.01) EN update, CEID and drop fps fix

Speaking of Dark Souls 3, we also recommend downloading these other mods. Do note that most of these mods are not compatible with each other (or with Elite Knight’s Original Weapons).

Call Of the Abyss is an overhaul mod that adds new weapons, spells, items, armors and more. The Convergence adds over 150 spells, new bosses, dozens of weapons & more, whereas BloodSouls Judgement of Ash adds new bosses, animations, areas, over 150 weapons and more. Similarly, Dark Souls 3 Born From the Ashes aims to make the game even harder by adding a lot of enemies in the game world, and brings new free content to it. Lastly, Champion’s Ashes is a mod that aims to competitively balance PVP.

Have fun!