Dark Souls III feature

Call Of the Abyss is a 15GB new overhaul mod for Dark Souls 3

PapaAppa and Kez have released Call Of the Abyss; an overhaul mod for Dark Souls 3 that is around 15GB in size and adds new weapons, spells, items, armors and more. The duo released the first version of this mod (which is not final) and shared a gameplay video for it.
Going into more details, Call of the Abyss comes with new weapons, spells, good, items, armors, areas and even bosses. This mod aims to have a more darker gothic atmosphere to it. As the duo noted, the entire game is undergoing a complete lighting change as well. Some maps will be dark and foggy with noises or creatures shrieking in the dark and some maps will have golden lights.

Call of the Abyss brings over 200 weapons from older FromSoftware games. As such, you can find weapons from the first two Dark Souls games, Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls. In addition, all the new weapons and some vanilla ones are getting custom new weapon arts.

Additionally, all movesets in the entire game will “now have the sets expanded by 8-10 moves”. Furthermore, there are 2 brand new covenants that replace the old ones. Not only that, but there are also two new weapon classes in the game: Odachi and Gunlance.

You can download Call of the Abyss from here.

Speaking of Dark Souls 3, you may be also interested in the following overhaul mods. The Convergence adds over 150 spells, new bosses, dozens of weapons & more, whereas BloodSouls Judgement of Ash adds new bosses, animations, areas, over 150 weapons and more. Similarly, Dark Souls 3 Born From the Ashes aims to make the game even harder by adding a lot of enemies in the game world, and brings new free content to it. Do note, though, that these mods are not compatible with each other.

Have fun!