Red Dead Redemption 2 feature 2

New Red Dead Redemption 2 mods enhance dual wielding, rebalance economy, add dynamic seasons

Some new interesting mods surfaced this week for Red Dead Redemption 2. As such, we’ve decided to collect them and share them in one article. The following mods enhance the game’s weapon dual wielding mechanics, rebalance economy, and add dynamic seasons.

Going into more details, Guns Akimbo (unique) lets you Dual wield any pair of unique handguns. By default, the game allows the player to only use one unique handgun. However, and by using this mod, you can dual-wield them. You can download the mod from here.

Realistic Economy Rebalance attempts to bring more historical accuracy and realism into the game economy. This mod changes most of item prices and effects of consumables. Additionally, it reduces the ammo limit. You can download the mod from here.

Dynamic Seasons adds all 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter). Each of the seasons has its own visual palette, temperatures, sunset/sunrise times, weather and everything else you expect with an actual seasonal climate. You can download the mod from here.

Lastly, and speaking of Red Dead Redemption 2, we also suggest taking a look at the following mods. There is a mod that adds “The Matrix” bullet time effect, and there is an AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack for all weapons. Furthermore, there is a mod that adds 13 lore-friendly Mexico map expansions. Another cool mod is this one that enables dismemberment for all pedestrians. Additionally, you can find a mod that restores unused beta models & NPCs, another mod that overhauls its law system, as well as a mod that adds support for AMD’s FSR 2.0.

Have fun!