Fallout 4 Project Mojave Mod is now available in Early Access

Modders HcG x Grill, TheFriedturkey, C411um13 and MrColonelMustard have released an Early Access version of their passion project for Fallout 4, Project Mojave. Project Mojave is a full remake of the New Vegas strip that includes 3 functional casinos.

According to the team, this mod features a remake of roughly a quarter of the map (around Ivanpah Drylake and the I15). It also comes with 10 custom creatures, of which 3 are brand new ones. Additionally, it has 800+ brand-new remade assets and 3 player homes.

Not only that, but players can find 3 fully functional casino games. Moreover, there are 3 new Workshops and new constructible objects for settlements. And lastly, you can expect 20+ brand new weapons, 13 unique weapons, and 50+ New apparel items including hats and outfits.

You can download the mod from here. Once installed, head south from Breakheart Banks in the Commonwealth. There, you will get a quest trigger to investigate the dead Institute Scientist.

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Project Mojave Early Access Launch Trailer