Fallout 4 Settler Built Settlements Mod

Fallout 4 just got an amazing Settler Built Settlements Mod

Modder ‘WhiskyTangoFox’ has released a pretty cool mod for Fallout 4. This mod, called Settler Built Settlements, will allow your settlers to build the settlements themselves. This is a godsend for those who don’t fancy investing time and effort into building a settlement.

So, thanks to this mod, you won’t have to build up every settlement piece by piece. Instead, you will only have to build the Settlement Building Supplies in the crafting menu. Then, you can leave (far enough away for the cell to unload), and the next time you return to the settlement your settlers will have built themselves some homes, crops, maybe even some defenses.

The modder also shared some additional details about how this mod works. It’s really simple if you think about it. Still, this is something that may interest some of you. So, here’s the “magic” behind it.

“Building the settlement supplies starts an event listener, and the next time the cell unloads, the parent marker is enabled by the script, and the settlement supplies are removed. It’s literally a 2 line function. Settlers aren’t even actually required. The goal is to keep this as simple and lightweight as possible, allowing you to very quickly invest a little in your settlements, without having to spend hours decorating them.”

Those interested can go ahead and download the mod from this link.

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Enjoy and stay tuned for more!