Elden Ring One Piece Mod Pack-1

Elden Ring gets an amazing One Piece Content Mod Pack

MrMorritos3D has released an amazing One Piece content mod pack for FromSoftware’s fantasy action RPG, Elden Ring. This mod changes a lot of the Elden Ring bosses with characters/villains from One Piece. Moreover, it allows you to control Luffy himself.

Going into more details, here are the changes that this mod makes.

  • Kizaru as Margitt/Morgott
  • Akainu as Godrick
  • Kurohige as the Godskin noble
  • Doffy as the Godskin apostle
  • Boa Hancock as Rennala
  • Lucci as Maliketh
  • Oars as the Fire giant
  • Magellan as Mogh
  • Gol D Roger as Radagon
  • Reyleigh as Melina
  • Marines as Godrick soldiers

This is a must-have mod for all One Piece fans, and you can download it from here. The modder also promises to release new updates for it that will add even more content. Below you can also find a gameplay trailer for it.

Speaking of Elden Ring, here are some other cool mods that you can download for it. This mod adds seamless co-op functionalities to the game, and this mod introduces an unofficial Survival Mode. Then we have this mod that removes the awful Chromatic Aberration effect. You can also download an easier-to-use Field of View Mod. Flawless Ultrawide is another must-have mod as it enables support for ultra-wide resolutions/monitors. There is also an unofficial Photo Mode. Furthermore, this mod will unlock the game’s framerate. And lastly, you can download an HD Texture Pack, as well as a cool Dragon Ball Mod.

Have fun!

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