Elden Ring brand new screenshots-1

Elden Ring gets an unofficial Photo Mode that also removes Chromatic Aberration

Modder Otis_Inf has just released an unofficial Photo Mode for FromSoftware’s latest action RPG, Elden Ring. As its title implies, this mod will add a Photomode to Elden Ring, allowing you to capture some truly amazing screenshots.

Now what’s really great about this mod is that it can also remove Chromatic Aberration. I’m pretty sure that other similar mods will pop up. However, and since this is the first one, we highly recommend using it.

Additionally, this Photo Mode offers free unlimited camera movement and rotation, allows you to pause the game, and enables higher LODs. Furthermore, it allows you to control the sun light direction, and can remove pillarbox/letterbox in custom aspect ratios.

Now as with all mods, we suggest using this unofficial Photomode in offline mode. Otherwise, the game’s anti-cheat system may ban you. So yeah, keep that in mind.

You can download this mod from here.

Speaking of Elden Ring mods, we also suggest downloading the following ones. Flawless Ultrawide enables support for ultra-wide resolutions/monitors. And this mod will unlock the game’s framerate.

Have fun!