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Elden Ring gets a 25GB HD Texture Pack, overhauling over 4500 textures

Modder ‘Bardo’ has released a must-have HD Texture Pack for Elden Ring. This HD Texture Pack, which weighs around 25GB in size, uses AI techniques to upscale over 4500 environmental textures.

Do note that this pack will only enhance the game’s environmental textures. Thus, you can expect better textures for trees, rocks, paintings, groundcovers, skyboxes, clouds, etc. All armors and characters are untouched, so don’t expect them to also look better.

You can download this HD Texture Pack from here. Below you can also find some installation instructions.

  • Get the newest Mod Engine version and follow the installation instructions.
  • Download this mod and extract the files to Mod Engine/mod.
  • Launch the game through Mod Engine.

Speaking of Elden Ring, here are some other cool mods for it. This mod adds seamless co-op functionalities to the game, and this mod introduces an unofficial Survival Mode. Then we have this mod that removes the awful Chromatic Aberration effect. You can also download an easier-to-use Field of View Mod. Flawless Ultrawide is another must-have mod as it enables support for ultra-wide resolutions/monitors. There is also an unofficial Photo Mode. Furthermore, this mod will unlock the game’s framerate. And lastly, this mod attempts to fix stuttering by implementing VKD3D fixes natively in DX12.

Lastly, you can find below some comparison screenshots between the vanilla and the newly overhauled textures!

Elden Ring HD Texture Pack comparison screenshots-1Elden Ring HD Texture Pack comparison screenshots-2Elden Ring HD Texture Pack comparison screenshots-3 Elden Ring HD Texture Pack comparison screenshots-4Elden Ring HD Texture Pack comparison screenshots-5Elden Ring HD Texture Pack comparison screenshots-6