Elden Ring new screenshots-4

Elden Ring now supports ultra-wide resolutions/monitors via Flawless Ultrawide

A lot of ultra-wide PC gamers were disappointed when FromSoftware revealed that Elden Ring would not natively support it. Thankfully, and in just a matter of hours, PC gamers have figured out a way to enable ultra-wide support to this latest action RPG.

All you need in order to play Elden Ring on ultra-wide monitors is Flawless Ultrawide. You can download this tool from here.

Once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll have to enable the “Eldenring” plugin. Then, you’ll have to create a file named “steam_appid.txt” in the Elden Ring folder. And that’s it. You can then launch the executable file of Elden Ring and enjoy the game in ultra-wide mode.

Do note that Flawless Ultrawide is only meant for offline gaming. Bandai Namco may ban you if you use this tool while playing online. As such, make sure to disable it during your online sessions.

As we’ve already reported, there is also an FPS Unlocker that you can download.

Let’s just hope now that FromSoftware will address the game’s stuttering issues via a post-launch update.

Have fun and stay tuned for more!