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First Elden Ring Mod unlocks the framerate of the PC version

Bandai Namco has just released Elden Ring on PC and as we’ve already reported, the game is locked at 60fps. Thankfully, and in just a few hours, the first mod appeared for it that can completely unlock its framerate.

Created by uberhalit, this mod unlocks the framerate by setting a new custom limit. According to the modder, this mod works with legit, unmodified steam version as well as with unpacked, not-so-legit versions. Additionally, this mod does not modify any game files. Regardless of that, though, we suggest avoiding it while playing online.

The modder plans to also add a FOV and custom resolutions to this utility. Keep also in mind that this FramerateUnlocker is currently in a beta stage. As such, you may encounter some bugs or glitches.

You can download the Elden Ring Framerate Unlocker from here.

Unfortunately for our ultra-wide monitor users, there isn’t yet any mod that can add support for them. My guess is that this mod will appear really soon, so stay tuned for more.

Lastly, and as we’ve reported, the PC version suffers from some stuttering issues. While they are not as exaggerated as some people made them out to be, there are some truly annoying stutters when fighting specific bosses. Below you can find a video that showcases these stutters (they appear at the end of it).

Stay tuned for more!

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