Elden Ring Convergence Mod feature

Elden Ring Convergence Mod released, adding new weapons, new spells, revamped areas & more

The Convergence Team has just released an overhaul mod for Elden Ring, called The Convergence Mod. According to its description, this mod adds dozens of new weapons and hundreds of new spells.

Furthermore, it extensively revamps areas and maps, improves the game’s visuals, and brings new enemies and bosses. In short, this mod will feel like an unofficial DLC. Just make sure to install it after you’ve finished the game. Since it changes some things, we suggest avoiding it during your first playthrough.

This overhaul project is 2.8GB in size, and you can download it from here. Below you can also find a video, showcasing one hour of gameplay footage from it. So, make sure to watch the video before downloading it.

Speaking of Elden Ring, here are some other cool free mods that you can download for it. This mod adds seamless co-op functionalities to the game. There is also this mod that introduces an unofficial Survival Mode. Then we have this mod that adds 20+ weapons and 30+ armors to the game. Flawless Ultrawide is another must-have mod as it enables support for ultra-wide resolutions/monitors. There is also a mod that adds elements from MMOs & traditional RPGs. Let’s also not forget the amazing first-person mod. And lastly, you can download a 25GB HD Texture Pack that upscales over 4500 environmental textures.

Have fun!

[Elden Ring] The Convergence - First Look