Elden Ring brand new screenshots-2

This Mod adds to Elden Ring elements from MMOs & traditional RPGs

Modder ‘Muugiboy’ has released Eldenlands, a total overhaul mod that aims to bring to Elden Ring elements from MMOs and traditional RPGs. This is a must-have mod for everyone that has finished Elden Ring, and we highly recommend downloading it.

Now what’s also cool here is that Eldenlands has already received two expansions. These two expansions are The Master Within and Threads of Fate.

The Master Within adds subclasses and successions, inspired by many different MMOs. On the other hand, Threads of Fate adds 11 awakened weapons.

Eldenlands brings a lot of major changes to Elden Ring’s gameplay. For instance, it changes the way you level up. It also reworks all of the starter classes, as well as every single status effect. Not only that, but there are some cool Quality-of-Life improvements. For instance, the distance for locking on enemies and the overall FOV have been increased.

You can download Eldenlands and its expansions from here.

Speaking of Elden Ring, here are some other cool free mods that you can download for it. This mod adds seamless co-op functionalities to the game, and it’s compatible with Eldenlands. There is also this mod that introduces an unofficial Survival Mode. Then we have this mod that adds 20+ weapons and 30+ armors to the game. Flawless Ultrawide is another must-have mod as it enables support for ultra-wide resolutions/monitors. There is also an unofficial Photo Mode. And lastly, you can download an HD Texture Pack, as well as two cool Harry Potter and Dragon Ball mods.


How to Install and Update the Eldenlands MOD, Including Seamless Co-op!