Elden Ring Traditional RPG Mod

A modder is trying to make Elden Ring play like a traditional RPG by reworking major gameplay features, adding new classes, bosses and more

Modder ‘Muugiboy’ released a beta version of their gameplay overhaul mod for Elden Ring that attempts to make it play like a traditional RPG. This is a cool mod that some Elden Ring fans may find interesting. So, let’s take a closer look at it.

The W.I.P Traditional RPG Mod turns Elden Ring into a far more aggressive experience overall. The game will be now more focused on fast-paced action than slow-paced hit an run gameplay.

Like with all DnD, players will now be able to pick a race. Each race has a upside and a downside, with the default option giving you neither a buff or debuff. Additionally, every single class has been replaced with a more traditional RPG-styled version. For instance, the Astrologer is now being called Mage. Not only that but each class now specializes in a stat. There is a class for each stat now. The class is also given 20 points in its respective stat at the start of the game. For example, the Tank class starts with 20 vigor.

Moreover, NPCs can now sell things based on how far you progress in their questline. Weapons will be no longer discovered in the world. Instead, they are forged by speaking to Hewg after obtaining the Whetstone Knife. Weapons are also locked to specific classes. You know, like a traditional RPG.

And that’s not all. The mod adds three new classes which are Assassin (replaces Confessor), Fighter (replaces Prisoner), and Summoner (replaces Wretch). It also adds multiple new bosses, including a Melina boss fight. Furthermore, there are multiple bosses throughout the game that now respawn by fast traveling to the grace after beating it. These bosses can be farmed for Elemental Gems, which are used to forge all of the elemental weapons in the game.

It’s also worth noting that this mod reworks the game’s Stamina system, as well as its dodging animations and its casting system. It also reworks all of its Affinities. Plus, it adds new features like Active Abilities, and a “Break Meter” for bosses.

Finally, leveling up has completely changed. Instead of manually leveling up your character, you’ll get attributes through an Accessory. This Accessory gets stronger as you play the game, so it’s like the game levels you up on its own. The attributes you get depend on your class. So, you’ll be leveling up by collecting Fulfilled Lives, which you get from beating strong bosses.

All in all, this will completely change the way you experience Elden Ring. You can go ahead and download its beta version from this link. Below you can also find a few videos that showcase some of its features.

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Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

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