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This Elden Ring Mod adds Sekiro-like deflection & dodge mechanics

Modder ‘HumbleDuck’ just dropped a new cool mod for Elden Ring. As the title suggests, this mod adds to the game deflection and dodge mechanics that are heavily inspired by Sekiro.

Basically, this mod combines doujzc’s Sekiro-Like Deflect Mod for 2H & Dual Weapons with Anisol’s Sekiro Dash as Light and Medium Roll. So, if you already use them, you can skip this one. For those who want to give it a go, the mod also features a number of QoL improvements and tweaks.

With this mod, players can now block right before an enemy’s attack hits to deflect all the damage and avoid losing stamina. In a true Sekiro way, you can inflict stamina damage on the attacker while deflecting. And, if you deflect enough, your foe becomes vulnerable, making it easier to deliver a deadly blow.

What’s neat is that this mod includes most, if not all, of Sekiro’s cool direction-based deflection animations. So, if an attack comes from the left, your character will smoothly deflect it to the right, and the other way around.

Since this mod will change the way you play the game, we suggest using it in your second playthrough. So, go ahead and download it from here.

Talking about Elden Ring, there are some awesome mods you can grab. One adds co-op support, while another brings a parry system like Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. You can also find an unofficial Survival Mode mod. Make also sure to check out Primeval Balance V3 for new character classes with cool moves. And don’t miss the fantastic first-person mod. If you want better graphics, there’s a huge 25GB HD Texture Pack for over 4500 textures. Plus, there’s a mod that makes all light sources cast dynamic shadows, and a DLSS 3 Mod that improves performance.

Have fun!