Fans remake Silent Hills P.T. for the PC, and you can download the prototype versions

Back in November we informed you about a Silent Hills P.T. remake in Unreal Engine 4. Created by SmoggyChips, this project is still in WIP. However, SmoggyChips has released a prototype version of this project that you can download right now and play.

As its creator noted, this version is an early access build and alot more levels will be added along with fixes during this early access phase. Still, we are pretty sure that P.T. fans will appreciate it so those interested can download it from here.

P.T. recreation on Unreal Engine 4 / WIP

SmoggyChips’ remake is not the only that you can test though. Reddit’s member ‘LinusPixel’ has also released a prototype version of a P.T. remake. LinusPixel is using a script to extract objects, sounds and models from the original P.T. In the latest version of this remake, he successfully datamined sounds, added lighting and improved the flashlight effect, and added the hallway model from PT.pkg.

Those interested can download this second P.T. remake from here.

We should also note that there is another P.T. remake in Unreal Engine 4 that will never see the light of day. This remake is from Polycount’s member ‘djoexe’ who has created this scene for portfolio purposes and does not plan to release this project to the public.

P.T. recreated on Unreal Engine 4

Have fun!