Someone is recreating Konami’s cancelled P.T. in Unreal Engine 4 and it looks pretty cool

YouTube’s ‘SmoggyChips’ is currently working on a recreation of Konami’s cancelled P.T. in Unreal Engine 4. In order to showcase its current state, SmoggyChips released the following video. In this video, we get to see this remake of P.T. in real-time action.

While this is still a WIP project, it looks really cool. Still, we don’t know whether this project will be available to the public once it’s finished. We hope so as PC gamers never got the chance to play the real deal, however SmoggyChips has not revealed whether he’ll release it or not.

We also don’t know when and if this project gets finished. Moreover, we don’t know whether this will be a looped map or whether it will feature gameplay mechanics. Older recreations of P.T. were simple maps without any gameplay mechanics, and this looks to be a similar case. Still, one can dream that this remake will offer more than what all previous P.T. projects.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more!

P.T. recreation on Unreal Engine 4 / WIP