Star Wars Dark Forces

Star Wars Dark Forces Fan Remake in Unreal Engine 4 looks spectacular in VR

In April 2021, we informed you about a fan remake of Star Wars Dark Forces in Unreal Engine 4. Created by Shadow Art Games, this Star Wars Dark Forces fan remake aims to recreate this classic Star Wars game in a modern-day engine. And last week, the team released a new video, showcasing a WIP VR implementation.

Dark Forces 2.0 will be faithful to the original game, and will feature a massive asset overhaul. Moreover, it will have original voice sounds, characters and more.

Unfortunately, I don’t expect this small team to ever recreate the entire game. Since last year, the team has only created one environment. So yeah, don’t expect a full-fledged remake of Dark Forces. My guess is that Shadow Art Games will refine its existing environment, and then release it to the public. That is of course unless it receives a C&D letter.

But anyway, this WIP VR video looks spectacular, so be sure to at least watch it.

Lastly, and speaking of UE, we also suggest taking a look at the following Unreal Engine 4 projects. There is Dino Crisis 2 Fan Remake in Unreal Engine 4 that you can download and play. CryZENx has also showcased the latest version of his Zelda Ocarina of Time Remake back in December 2021. Modders are also working on a fan remake of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness in Unreal Engine 4. And let’s not forget this remake of the classic Resident Evil in UE4, or the Pokemon MMO 3D Remake.


Star Wars Dark Forces Unreal Engine - Introducing VR