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Halo Remaster looks absolutely stunning in 8K with Reshade Ray Tracing

Digital Dreams has shared a video, showcasing Halo Combat Evolved Remaster in 8K with Reshade Ray Tracing. In order to capture this gameplay footage, the YouTuber used an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090. And, surprisingly enough, the game appears to be running smoothly.

While some gamers hated the new art style of the remaster, I personally loved it. And, thanks to Reshade Ray Tracing, its ambient occlusion and global illumination effects have been enhanced. The end result is quite stunning, making Halo CE look better than ever.

To be honest, I love watching older games with Reshade Ray Tracing in ridiculously high resolutions. Okay, the remaster of Halo is not THAT old, and benefits greatly from its high-quality textures and newer 3D assets. Nevertheless, the following gameplay sequences (and especially the beach area) look awesome.

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