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Half-Life Alyx No VR Mod looks better than ever, new gameplay video

It’s been a while since our last look at the No VR Mod for Half-Life Alyx. And last month, SoMNst released a brand new gameplay video for it, showcasing its progress. Therefore, and since it’s the weekend, I’ve decided to share this video with you.

As the title suggests, this mod attempts to make Half-Life Alyx playable on non-VR devices. It’s still a WIP project and, unfortunately, there isn’t any preview or experimental version to download yet.

According to SoMNst, this latest version of the mod is compatible with the latest version of Half-Life Alyx. Moreover, it has improved interaction system, anim interactable/physics objects can be dragged in a better way, a lot of improvements were done and most of the things were remade from the scratch, and it has a new shotgun weapon model.

Speaking of Half-Life Alyx, we also suggest taking a look at the following mods. There is a Silent Hills PT Remake Mod, as well as a Bioshock Remake Mod. Modders are also working on a Goldeneye 007 Mod. Furthermore, there is a WIP demo for a Jurassic Park Trespasser Mod. And lastly, Half-Life Alyx: LEVITATION is a DLC-sized mod that aims to offer 5 hours of gameplay.


Half Life Alyx - No VR Mod - Gameplay & Progress Update #8